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CfsClass CfsClass is a development of the CfsTmap program specifically aimed at the rapid creation of high quality Classlist type terrain
Size: 312 KB
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Seasonal classlist sceneries GTOPO30 DEM elevation data  
CfsTMap CfsTMap - A Utility for creating Elevated-Mesh Scenery for CFS using the default Ground Textures
Size: 726 KB
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texture CFS Ground Textures CFS Ground create Scenery  
MeshFlatten A standalone application that can unfold 3D meshes to 2D meshes
Size: 2.25 MB
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STL file 2D STL import STL Mesh Content Mesh unfold fields  
MeshWorks Lite MeshWorks is an advanced mesh editing software built using the powerful MeshLib mesh library
Size: 1.3 MB
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Create editing Mesh Content Mesh mesh editor render mesh  
MeshWorks MeshWorks - Advanced Mesh Editing Software
Size: 1.1 MB
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Mesh Content Mesh mesh editor render mesh mesh editing  
Tension Modifier This 3D Studio Max modifier compares the current deformation of a mesh with a reference one, and generates relative expansion and compression data of the edges in the mesh.
Size: 375 KB
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generator generate modifier compression Mesh Content Mesh  

Elevated Mesh in description

GradientMesh The GradientMesh plugin can manipulate Illustrator gradient mesh paths or envelope meshes in hundreds of different ways. Apply to a mesh with 3 x 3 mesh or a 20 x 20 mesh and many more points.
Size: 185 KB
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modify modifier Mesh ADSR envelope plugin modify mesh  
Gradient mesh (and warp) plug-in for Illustrator Gradient Mesh (and warp) plug-in for Illustrator will provide users with a warp mesh to create unique distortions. Use the warp mesh to apply to text and images and symbols creating truly unique warpi...
Size: 186 KB
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warp Gradient Mesh filter warp turntable warp create mesh  
Mesh Utils Advertisement Mesh Utils is a Photo & Image software developed by Stephen Vincent. After our trial and test, the software is proved to be official, secure and free. Here is the official description f...
Size: 549 KB
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modify Gradient create gradient Mesh plugin pack  
Elevated Shortcut [b]Elevated Shortcut[/b] v2 is next generation of utility what allows you to run application with elevated rights without UAC prompt. This release featured with: - New design with Russian and English ...
Size: 257 KB
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shortcut UAC Tool UAC manager UAC application shortcut  
Squamster easy to use application designed to be a combination between a Mesh viewer and a mesh painter. Main features: [ul][li]Load any Ogre.mesh using its own material and shaders[/li] [li]View the mesh from ...
Size: 8.5 MB
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editor viewer Painter Mesh mesh editor render mesh  
ElevatedShortcut [b]ElevatedShortcut[/b] is a free portable application which supports Windows 7 and [Now] Windows 8. It can create the special shortcut which will suppress UAC prompt in case if it is usually appeared...
Size: 1.36MB
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